Agricola Sinisi.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Family

124 years, 4 generations. A single passion: quality extra virgin olive oil. It was the year 1891 and Nicola Sinisi at the tender age of 20, will become the founder of that farm we know today.
We are in Andria, in Puglia, a few kilometers from Bari. Here Nicola, thanks to the financial support of his father Riccardo, creates the first oil mill in via Canosa, a place that will become, during the years of the first great war, a point of reference for all the olive traders of the Andria countryside.

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Coratina Cultivar and Technological Innovation

Coratina Cultivar and Technological Innovation

Our extra virgin olive oil looks to the future respecting the past. Produced solely from olives grown in the farm, it represents the best of Coratina monocultivar with the unique scents and flavors of the Apulian land. Taking advantage of the traditional techniques learned over the generations, Agricola Sinisi aims at innovation by reducing oxygen and atmospheric air by replacing them with nitrogen, a technique that allows to preserve the chemical and organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oil for a longer time.

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