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124 years, 4 generations. A single passion: quality extra virgin olive oil. It was the year 1891 and Nicola Sinisi at the tender age of 20, will become the founder of that farm we know today.

Agricola Sinisi

We are in Andria, in Puglia, a few kilometers from Bari. Here Nicola, thanks to the financial support of his father Riccardo, creates the first oil mill in via Canosa, a place that will become, during the years of the first great war, a point of reference for all the olive traders of the Andria countryside. The years pass and Nicola is now mature to make investments, around 1910 he decides to invest in the olive groves by buying those century-old olive trees from which the extra-virgin Agricola Sinisi olive oil is born today. In 1924 Nicola became the father of Riccardo, destined to become owner of the farm in 1940. Riccardo takes his path, and aside from the cultivation and sale of the olive tree, he adds that of vegetables and fruit. At the same time, the purchase of olive groves continues, trees that will become real monuments to life, the beating heart of the farm. During the years of the Dolce Vita, Riccardo and his wife gave birth in 1959 to Nicola, the current owner and successful leader of the farm. Nicola has been following his father’s footsteps since he was a child and in the ’80s he dedicated himself to the exclusive cultivation of olives. For Nicola his trees are like real children to look after, the Coratina cultivar olives are treated with passion and dedication. Even for Nicola, as for his predecessors, comes the moment of a big step: in the ‘90s with the purchase of other hectares of olive groves, the farm reaches a total area of 16 hectares, all extended in the countryside of Andria.
Love for olives

Love for olives

The careful management of the olive trees absorbs Nicola's life and the sale of these cherished fruits does not fully satisfy him. His olives need a new life, they need to transfer the love with which they are cured, they must become an extra virgin olive oil produced according to his ``method``. This is how the Agricola Sinisi extra-virgin olive oil was born, an idea of unequaled oil, produced only from the olives of his own fields of Monocultivar Coratina and bottled under Nitrogen. The utmost excellence.

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